We appreciate domains.TM

Domain Bias is a 'new Phenomenon in web search that demonstrates a user's propensity to believe that a page is more relevant just because it comes from a particular domain.' - Microsoft Research & Stanford University

Our Services

Left of the Dot is a domain monetization company that turns million-dollar domain names into multi-million dollar businesses.

Our tag line “We Appreciate Domains” speaks to the fact that we add significant value to domain names, turning them from raw virtual real estate into fully functioning businesses. Key to Left of the Dot’s understanding of domain names is that our team members have a great depth of experience in the world of Domains; we know this world and we love it.

When we take on a new domain name, it is because we have researched the market and know that there is an opportunity to monetise the name while building a serious business in a sector with huge upside. Our objective is to capitalise on all of the unfair advantages that premium, descriptive, generic domain names have in the world of internet business.

We perform full-scale development of the domain and turn it into a fully-functioning business where the domain’s business is a product of the clear intent of the domain itself, e.g. Oahu.com is all about Oahu, while RentalHomes.com allows you to rent a vacation home.

If you have the type of name that will make a $Billion company nervous about the potential competition we can create, then contact us, we would love to appreciate your domain.